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Garage Door Lube

5 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Garage Door

Posted 3/6/20 by E. Winkle

Don't know where to begin? Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your garage door.

1. Lubricate your garage door. With its many components and moving parts garage doors will start to get noisy over time if not lubricated properly. And noise means friction is increasing, a red flag that if not addressed a repair could be on the horizon. Make sure you use a silicon-based lubricant specifically designed for garage door use. To be safe, the spraycan should indicate "Garage Door Lubricant." Lubricate springs, pulleys and rollers once every three months. The track should be cleared of debris and spider webs also every three months and lubricated once a year.

2. Keep it balanced. An unbalanced garage door places unnecessary strain on the springs and moving components. Pull the release handle down and release it from the chain or belt drive when the door is closed. Lift the door manually. Is it stable, or does is fall back to the floor or want to rise? If it is unbalanced, the springs don't have the right torque setting. Call us when your garage door springs need adjusting. Fixing springs on your own could be dangerous. We'll let you know how our professional technicians approach the problem.

3. Check moving parts. From cables to rollers, your garage door's moving parts need regular inspection. Is a roller frozen? Any fraying or rust on the cables? How about any increase in noise? If lubrication doesn't correct the problem, call us.

4. Check photo eyes. Look for a misalignment of the photo eyes that activate the automatic reverse mechanism. This action returns the garage door to a safe, open position. Sometimes debris or an object can interfere with proper operation of the invisible beam that is operational when the door is in motion.

5. Clean your garage. Regular cleaning, by keeping the dust off the floor and spider webs away from moving parts, helps ensure that you'll have a healthier garage door that remains free of particles that gradually build up and grind garage doors down.

If you're unsure about your garage door and how it is functioning, give us a call at (253) 272-6999. We'll dispatch a professional technician to your location for a free estimate.

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3 DIY Garage Door Repair Myths

Posted 3/6/20 by Staff

Garage doors change with the times. But one thing remains the same: they will eventually quit working and need repair. Unless you're highly trained to face perils associated with garage door repair, including high torque springs, you might want to think again before that do-it-yourself weekend garage door repair. Here are three common myths about garage door DIY repairs.

Myth 1: "I can same a lot of money." A homeowner with a broken garage door might think a DIY project could save money, but high torque springs and complicated pulley-cable combinations require time to learn and to safely repair. If a critical mistake is made, a professional might be needed to straighten out the repair frustration. So save the time and hire a highly trained technician in the first place.

Myth 2: "A YouTube video makes it look easy." Garage doors use torsion springs to lift and close heavy garage doors. This is a tremendous force and not a job for inexperienced people without the proper training, tools and precaution measures. There is always the potential for injury to novices attempting to repair a huge garage door.

Myth 3: "I have the muscle to tackle my heavy garage door repair." Over 100 pounds of weight is packed into a garage door, with custom wood garage doors weighing a lot more. A falling garage door can cause serious injury or even death, not to mention most home accidents happen when ladders are used for repairs.

DIY garage door repairs can end up being costly, risky and take longer than expected. Don't jeopardize your wellbeing and the safety of your loved ones.

Hire a processional garage door company that has the experience and training to securely fix your garage door problem. Call Tacoma Garage Doors for a free estimate at 253-272-6999.