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Customer service remains our top priority. Some Internet-based garage door companies rent their high keyword results name, or refer work for a fee from out-of-state-offices to local low-bidders. Look to us for quality workmanship, a reputation for fairness and excellence and quick response for repair calls. Let Tacoma Garage Doors bring your garage door back to safe function at an affordable price.

NWD Midland Ranch Panel Garage Door

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Garage Door Repair in Tacoma, Puyallup and University Place

We are proud to be the greater Tacoma's full service garage door resource for residential garage door repairs and opener installation, not to mention new garage door replacements.

We offer free quotes on your garage door problem or replacement. With your call, we'll help you identify the problem and dispatch the next available technician to your location for a free quote. Emergency, out-of-area and after-hours quotes subject to a service free. Call (253) 272-6999 for details.

Areas Served

  • Tacoma Garage Door Repairs
  • Puyallup Garage Door Repairs
  • Gig Harbor Garage Door Repairs
  • Olympia Garage Door Repairs
  • Centralia-Chehalis Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Services We Provide

Tacoma Garage Doors offers prompt service excellence when your garage door needs repairs, replacement, or you just need preventative maintenance to avoid problems later on.
Call (253) 272-6999.

Off Track Garage Doors

Serious problems like off-track doors are repaired quickly and back to good working order, restoring safe access to your garage.

Silencing Garage Doors

We also specialize in general garage door repairs, preventative maintenance and silencing noisy garage doors.

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General garage door repair and maintenance services

Schedule regular maintenance to ensure against unexpected problems.

Repair and maintenance services include inspection and lubrication, balance adjusting of springs, keyless entry, testing of the opener, remotes, weather seal, and garage door safety/emergency systems.

Free Quotes, Call (253) 272-6999

Call Tacoma garage door repair service for a free quote (restrictions may apply for out-of-area and after-hours quotes). We're customer service oriented, and provide excellent, reliable, services with an emphasis on the Golden Rule.

How to spot a broken garage door spring

Broken Garage Door Spring

When your garage door won't budge or the door slows down considerably during the open-close cycle, you might have a broken garge door spring.

These springs lift garage doors using highly wound torsion spring that can sometimes break. Look to the top of the garage door an notice the spring pictured above. If your spring has a gap, it's probably broken.

Call us at (253) 272-6999 and leave the risky part of garage door repairs to us.

Don't attempt to replace the spring on your own, as high torque adjustments need to be made with special tools.